​Safety and security are at the forefront of everything we do. Whether it is the safety of our employees, your customers, or guests who may be visiting your facility our focus on safety is part of our contractual agreement. We understand physical security extends to access and egress. Intellectual property and confidentiality are of primary importance. As an experienced building service provider we are committed to minimalizing the potential opportunities for personal injury. Site supervisors and staff are required to follow our clients procedures associated with physical security, access and egress.



Exceeding our customers expectations by providing a clean, safe and secure facility is our goal. Our performance optimization solution utilizes the data collected from our quality assurance program, practical experience and customer feedback. With accurate and robust information in hand we assess existing processes, identify inefficiencies and develop a sustainable plan for improvement resulting in a high level of service throughout the life cycle of our contract.


Our complete group of sustainable building service solutions is designed to interface with your existing initiatives that may include daytime cleaning, waste management protocols and energy conservation. This program provides a measurable and positive impact on overall facilities operations and maintenance with key performance indicators such as waste diversion, source reduction and conservation of natural resources. When you choose All American Building Services, you have selected a partner that will help you maximize operational efficiencies, while delivering residual cost savings. Thant is what sets us apart as a vested partner, helping you to achieve your sustainability goals.


Commercial Cleaning Services


We believe cleaning contributes to a healthy and productive working environment which should be a part of an overall employee wellness program. Our meticulous cleaning measures are not exclusively appearance driven, but also focused on health, safety, sustainability, productivity and asset preservation. We utilize the highest quality cleaning products, tools and equipment to aid in the removal of building contaminants

Keeping our organizational leadership accessible and operational management structure flat encourages our employees to make decisions. We ensure that our customers are informed and keenly aware of key operational initiatives taking place within their environment. Our managers and site supervisors interface with clients to ensure seamless decision making. The benefits of which is comprehensive information sharing and methodical support. When our clients engage an employee he or she has the authority to accommodate that customers immediate need that culture in turn, motivates our employees to exceed our clients expectations.